Privacy Policy

enokojima#art&life (hereafter, this site), will collect user information essential only for the management of our services (event bookings, inquiries, etc.) offered by this site. We take the uttermost precautions when safeguarding personal information and make appropriate use of it when collecting and storing. The following privacy policy was established regarding how we consider and manage your personal information on our site.

1. Personal information

Personal information in regards to this privacy policy is defined as any user provided name, residential address, phone number, email address or any other descriptor, number or notation submitted to the site that allows an individual to be identified. Information that allows any individual to be identified by simple comparison with other information is also considered as personal information, even though this information may not allow an individual to be identified separately.

2. Regarding collection and use of personal information

  • A) Acceptance and Management of event reservations.
  • B) Replies to inquiries.
  • C) Sending and distribution of our newsletter and other direct mail.

3. Regarding management of personal information

We have taken all necessary precautions to prevent situations where any unauthorized access, loss, destruction, falsification or disclosure of any personal information on this site occurs. We also promptly erase any personal information deemed unnecessary.

4. Regarding the provision of personal information to third parties

We do not disclose or offer any user’s personal information to third parties on this site. However, we may provide information without the provider’s approval in the following cases.

  • A) In cases we have obtained consent from the provider to disclose or provide their information to third parties.
  • B) In cases we deem the provider to be liable to a third party.
  • C) When we are requested to disclose personal information from a courthouse, public prosecutor’s office, the police, a bar association, or another similar organization with jurisdiction.
  • D) In cases where the law allows for the disclosure of such information.
  • E) In cases we consign part of our duties that require the use of personal information to an outside company in order to create an uninterrupted workflow (in such cases, the recipient of such information will be obliged to conform to strict personal information management).

5. Regarding the validation, correction and erasure of personal information

In cases we are requested by the provider of personal information themselves to either disclose, correct or erase personal information, we shall promptly confirm and respond to such requests.

6. Regarding inquiries about personal information or our privacy policy

If you need to make an inquiry regarding personal information or our privacy policy, please contact us at the following email address.


Tel: 06-6147-7154