illustration: Yukihiro Tada



Before the rivers were filled in during the post-war period, Enokojima used to be an island. It was a government centre during the Meiji period with the Osaka prefectural administration building located here, and a foreign settlement located just across the river in the Kawaguchi area near the trade port also made it a source of culture. The Enokojima Area Community Development Program has brought redevelopment to this historical area; new initiatives has seen various buildings erected such as the Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Centre, Osaka Prefecture (enoco), the two residential Awaza Rise Towers, Mark 20 and Flag 46, and the Nissay Hospital (marked for completion in spring of 2018).
The community concept here is “Art & Life: a community of movement, Enokojima (A&L)”. This means more explorative thoughts through art encounters, improvement of blood circulation through active workshops and the encouragement of footsteps in the redeveloping Western area of Osaka. The concept’s goals are the encounters between culture and culture, people and people, here in this formerly prosperous harbour area.
The site “enokojima#art&life” is here to bring you information about art and culture events happening in Enokojima. [Run by: A&L Management / OOO Projects]



Concave and convex lenses change the way we view the world. Convex lenses converge light to magnify images; concave lenses diverge light to reduce images. Brought together, they are used in telescopes to see great distances. The Japanese name for DECOBOCO is derided from the characters “凸” (deco, lit. convex) and “凹” (boco, lit. concave). You could say DECOBOCO is the title used for the club activities in Enokojima, or the various events and lectures organized by participants, that give you a fresh lens to see life anew. The various clubs currently include Yoga, Table Tennis, Radio, Gardening, Design, Drama, Dance and more, with all DECOBOCO activities held in Mark Studio and Flag Studio. We’re always recruiting active club members (and applications for new clubs are also warmly welcome).

Nissay Hospital

The Nissay Hospital opened in Shinmachi (Osaka City, Nishi-ku) in 1931, and moved to Itachibori in 1982. Nissay has always been active in Osaka’s Western ward (Nishi-ku). Founded on the “Saisei Rimin” principle (“to help every life and livelihood; to be of service to all people”), the hospital offers comprehensive medical services comprised of prevention, treatment and in-home help. Scheduled to open spring 2018, the new hospital will have a single concept of uniting ‘art and medical treatment’ and aims (as a sub concept) to be a comfortable hospital healing the heart and the physique.

Enokojima Art, Culture and Creative Centre, Osaka Prefecture [enoco]

This prefectural art, culture and creative centre opened in April 2012, in a converted building erected in 1938, with the goal of enlivening Osaka City with the power of creativity, by use of art and design, etc. In addition to a gallery and rental multi-purpose rooms, it holds independently run exhibitions, seminars, workshops and a quarterly market, and it also approaches various social issues by networking, creative forms of expression, and dealing with individual consultations regarding revitalization of the local area. Entry is free and the facility is for everyone; feel free to visit.


Enokojima Map

Enokojima is located 150m West of exit No.8 at Awaza Station on the subway Chuo and Sennichimae lines. Look for the entrance at the glittering, green-tiled bench on your right.

Flag Studio

Osaka, Nishi-ku, Enokojima 2-1-37, Awaza Rise Towers, Flag 46, 1F (Postcode: 550-0006)
Mark Studio

Osaka, Nishi-ku, Enokojima 2-1-21, Awaza Rise Towers, Mark 20, 1F (Postcode: 550-0006)
Osaka, Nishi-ku, Enokojima 2-1-34 (Postcode: 550-0006)
Nissay Hospital (under dev.)

Osaka, Nishi-ku, Enokojima, 2- [32, 32-2, 32-5]